2015-16 Herstory, Patriarchal Myths, Women & Music

Women in History. Music & Sport, a First Term Oral Presentation by C1 students Yolanda, Noelia, Carmen, África, Silvia, Isabel, Natalia.

Other materials published at talkingpeople.net – Your Stuff! – Oral Presentations.

Latest update: Jan 29, videos 16 – finished!!

  • videos 1-8: with notes on mistakes
  • videos 9-16: no notes, so you can do just that – take notes on your/people’s mistakes and share in class


Herstory 1/16. Myths, Art & Patriarchy, by Yolanda
Herstory 2/16. Women in History. Introduction, by Carmen
Herstory 3/16. Patriarchal Myths (The Rape of Europa), by Yolanda
Herstory 4/16. Women in Ancient Greece & Rome, by Carmen
Herstory 5/16. Women & Music in Ancient Greece & Rome, by Silvia
Herstory 6/16. Women in the Middle Ages, by Isabel
Herstory 7/16. Female Musicians in the Middle Ages, by Natalia
Herstory 8/16. Women in the Reinassance & Baroque, by Carmen
Herstory 9/16. Women in the Enlightenment, by Isabel
Herstory 10/16. Female Musicians in the Renaissance & Baroque, by Silvia
Herstory 11/16. Women in the Contemporary Age
Herstory 12/16. Female Musicians in the Contemporary Age, by Natalia
Herstory 13/16. The Suffragette Movement & Women in WW1 & WW2, by Isabel
Herstory 14/16. Women & Music Nowadays, by Silvia & Natalia
Herstory 15/16. Conclusions by the Herstory OP members, by Natalia & Yolanda
Herstory 16/16. The Herstory OP Quiz on Women’s Achievements, conducted by Silvia